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Have you ever been alone, at night, silently screaming in your head?
And all you want to do is go to bed?
Once your eyes close goodnight, the silent screams can't follow.
But what if these silent screams follow you into your dreams?
What if they stay with you once the rays of light poke through the blinds?
Where does one go then?
:iconlaugh-till-you-bleed:Laugh-Till-You-Bleed 1 4
Random Thought
Your beauty caught my eye,
  But it was your kindness that caught my heart.
:iconlaugh-till-you-bleed:Laugh-Till-You-Bleed 0 0
Abe Lincoln Origami by Laugh-Till-You-Bleed Abe Lincoln Origami :iconlaugh-till-you-bleed:Laugh-Till-You-Bleed 2 2
"There are many difficult decisions in life. When that happens, get drunk and they all become good decisions."
:iconlaugh-till-you-bleed:Laugh-Till-You-Bleed 0 6
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One does not know how truly dark it is,
  Until the last candle is snuffed.
:iconlaugh-till-you-bleed:Laugh-Till-You-Bleed 0 2
Today was an awesome day!
A lady came in and told me I looked like Johhny Depp! =D
She called me handsome! =D
Sadly, she was around 70 and probably had glaucoma and/or dementia. XD
All kidding aside, she was the sweetest little old lady. =)
Hmm, maybe she was just hustling me so I'd make her ice-cream cone bigger...
Sneaky little grandma! (And, yes, it worked.) ^-^
:iconlaugh-till-you-bleed:Laugh-Till-You-Bleed 0 32
Instead of yelling in your ear,
  I should have whispered to your heart.
:iconlaugh-till-you-bleed:Laugh-Till-You-Bleed 0 0
Shroom Time! by Laugh-Till-You-Bleed Shroom Time! :iconlaugh-till-you-bleed:Laugh-Till-You-Bleed 2 0 Frustration by Laugh-Till-You-Bleed
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Frustration :iconlaugh-till-you-bleed:Laugh-Till-You-Bleed 0 18

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Under the Moon
"Grandmama, I can't sleep," whined Mariel from her bed across the room. "When is Papa coming home?"  The old woman looked up from her knitting, regarding the fretful little girl intently.
"He will come home when he is finished hunting, darling," the old woman said. "Come and sit with me.  I will tell you a story."  Emilia set her knitting aside and the little girl crawled into her lap, peering into her face with dark eyes.
"What kind of story, Grandmama?" Mariel asked. "Will you tell the one about the magic rocks?"
"Not tonight," Emilia replied, glancing out the window.  The shutter was open, and cool night air wafted in.  The moon hung full and round in the dark sky. "Tonight, I will tell you how there got to be so many wolves in this valley."  She stroked the girl's dark hair, rocking the chair back and forth.  Mariel settled into her arms, resting her head against Emilia's chest.
"Once upon a time, not so very lon
:iconforsakenprodigy:ForsakenProdigy 5 8
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Love's Weird
Why do I find
comfort in your arms
When you only
wish to do me harm?
:iconwakip:WaKip 3 6
I lowered my newspaper just below my eye line. There stood before me, a small, young girl. She was leaning back and forth, on tiptoes, her head was facing downward but her eyes were staring at me from the corner of her eye.  Her smile stretched as she bit her lip. She was just oozing with an aura of childish curiosity. I could've just ignored her. It didn't need to happen. Not to me. But I chose to. I thought I was prepared. So I replied,
"What d'you need honey?"
Her eyes widened, her smile turned to a laugh. She tucked her hands behind her back as she said,
"Where do babies come from?"
I mentally snapped my neck and knuckles. I cocked a smile because I had an ace in the hole. The very first chapter of all the parenting books I skimmed through.
"The Stork delivers babies to all mommies and daddies, sweetheart."
Poor kid never stood a chance. I slowly and triumphantly raised my paper back to my face, chuckling even. How foolish I was.
"Where does The Stork get them?"
:iconnotchizimaru:NotChizimaru 28 25
At the Moment - Jan 2012 by eychanchan At the Moment - Jan 2012 :iconeychanchan:eychanchan 5,753 1,571 downwards by HelloStatic downwards :iconhellostatic:HelloStatic 4 4
We Need People Like You
Please lend them your compassion
For this world of ours is cold
Kindness doesn't go out of fashion
And it never gets old
:iconwakip:WaKip 9 12
2010 - Totoro (lit version) by PunkBouncer 2010 - Totoro (lit version) :iconpunkbouncer:PunkBouncer 2,360 470
A Tribute to Mom
I kept the stovetop too hot, I think.
The sink was laughing in my ear,
and the vent was coughing from smoke.
I quickly apologized to the microwave,
now shrouded in thick black tar.
I don't think he cared all too much.
I could hear the little onions
screaming in the fiery cauldron,
smothered by hot oil, hissing.
I couldn't think. They were blackened
and crispy, tasting of coal.
I looked at my daughter and whispered,
"You cook next time."
:iconalexiscaitlinking:alexiscaitlinking 12 26
supakawaiiv2 by uglylamb supakawaiiv2 :iconuglylamb:uglylamb 6 4


Things I've Learned

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 2:03 AM
Sorry for the repost, but I had to take advantage of the free skin!

Not sure if this'll help anybody, but this is what I've learned and experienced along the way.

Always love yourself before loving another.
Seems simple enough, don't you think?  It sounds really stupid, even to me. =P  But the moment you stop loving yourself, it all becomes painfully clear.  Never, ever stop loving yourself.  It's probably better put by saying, if your happy with who you are, then you're good.  If there's something about yourself that makes you unhappy, (I'm talking about you as a person on the inside, not "Oh, I wish I had green eyes" or "Gee I wish I were taller" =P ) then look deep down and see if you can live with it or not.  If not, change it or at least try.  That way, you won't feel guilty later on.  This pertains to you, yourself.  Not circumstances you can't control.

Be careful who your friends are.
This goes without saying, but sometimes it's hard to tell.  Some can be a wonderful source of happiness and help while others are a constant headache who only seem to cause you pain. If all they seem to do is cause you grief and "borrow" all the time, they're probably not your friends. If they are cruel or unkind, they're no one's friend. Be really careful of those who take advantage of others. People like that are the worst.

When giving to others, only give what you can afford.
Never give more than what you can do without financially, physically, or emotionally. Don't give to others if the sole purpose is to gain their favor or their love. Especially if it's only for love. IT WILL NOT WORK. You will just set yourself up to being used and having a broken heart.  Trust me.

Be true to yourself, first and foremost.
You are you, and no one can or should change that. Yes, there are aspects to everyone's personality that might need a bit of improving (I must be better at sleeping at a decent hour =P) but other than that, be yourself, be unique.

Never forget who you are. NEVER!  
Once you forget who you are, you forget everything that made you happy.  You start liking things because others like it or because someone you really like likes it.  Before you know it, you don't know what you like or who you are anymore.  Just a long, downward spiral that you might never be able to come back from no matter how hard you try.

And of course, love.  I know, I know, it makes you blush even thinking about it.  Sometimes, me too, but it's important to truly understand it.  You will know when someone loves you when they are simply happy being in your presence and loves you for who YOU are. Not what you have, not how you look, but YOU.  There will be guys (or gals, I don't judge! =P) who will promise the world to you, profess their undying love to you…well, it might be true but before you give your heart to them, watch how they treat others.  It's a really good indicator.  One trick I've learned is to see how they treat people who work at restaurants or fast food places.  If they're mean or rude to them, they're usually not a very good person.

There are a couple other things I'd like to add as well.
No one has the right to infringe upon another person's happiness.
Learn how to forgive yourself.  You feel bad about something?  Fix it.  If it cannot be fixed because the moment has passed and cannot be revisited, do something positive that the person you've wronged would have liked.  If a situation demanded you do something against your will, you can't blame yourself.  If something happened to a loved one and you blame yourself for their misfortune even though there was nothing you could do, let it go.  Don't play the "What if?" game.  You'll drive yourself crazy.  If any of these cannot be done, then remember what you've done and NEVER do it again.  That's all you can do in that case.

Regrets.  If you are going to do something that may hurt you or someone else, really think about the consequences before you act.  Can you live with yourself if what you are thinking about doing blows up in your face?  If so, go for it.  Fair warning: I guarantee you, it's a lot worse than you think.


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Personal Quote: Actions, consequences, regrets. Think things through or live in hell: You always have that choice.


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